William Kolliker Gallery

William Kolliker

William Kolliker was one of El Paso’s most beloved artists and is a member of the El Paso Artists’ Hall of Fame. Born in Berne, Switzerland on October 12, 1905, Kolliker moved to New York at the age of 16. Having artistic talent early on, he found a job with the art department of the New York American. Eventually he became the art director and art editor of the American Weekly, a position he held for twenty-five years. Mr. Kolliker studied at the Grand Central Art School, the Maryland Institute of Art, and the Boston School of Art.

Soon after his relocation to El Paso, Kolliker became one of the city’s foremost artists. He created countless pieces for public and private display, and even created designs used by the U.S. Mint. Despite creations of great national significance, Mr. Kolliker was always most dedicated to painting the land that he loved, the Southwestern desert. In particular was his love of the Pre-Columbian mythology which once inhabited this desert landscape. It is a collection of these Pre-Columbian masterpieces in watercolor, along with his personal collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts that the International Museum of Art now houses.

Selected Images from the Gallery

Image Title Artist Medium
Artist: William Kolliker; Title:  Mystery of the Tombs; Medium: Acrylic; - International Museum of Art Mystery of the Tombs William Kolliker Acrylic
Artist: William Kolliker; Title: Spring Time; Medium: Acrylic and Oil; - International Museum of Art Spring Time William Kolliker Acrylic and Oil
Artist: William Kolliker; Title: Early Pyramids; Medium: Pastel and Watercolor; - International Museum of Art Early Pyramids William Kolliker Pastel and Watercolor
Artist: William Kolliker; Title: Sunken Treasure; Medium: Watercolor; - International Museum of Art Sunken Treasure William Kolliker Watercolor
Artist: William Kolliker; Title: City in the Desert; Medium: Wool; - International Museum of Art City in the Desert William Kolliker Wool

International Museum of Art

Located in the Turney Mansion, circa 1910, the International Museum of Art is operated by The International Association for the Visual Arts. The museum features artwork by local and national artists. Exhibits included range from artifacts from Africa and Asia. Also included in the museum is the Mexican Revolution exhibit. A casita reproduction from the Mexican Revolution era is part of this exhibit.


Exhibiting: April 4th-27th


60th Annual EPISD Student Art Show


The El Paso Independent School District will holding its annual student art show from April 4th through the 27th.  This will be a district wide art show and will have approximate 500 participants!  Please come by and see what our future generations have to offer to our long history of artist.

 Come and see or Pancho Villa death mask, cast from the original mold. Or explore our past Sun Bowl Exhibit winners in the Red room. We have many interesting and unique artifacts from around the world. Maybe you are looking for an affordable venue for weddings, quinceneras, or parties. The International Museum of Art is always looking for people to rent its services to. Please see our upcoming calendar for latest news. The museum will be open from 1 – 5 p.m. We are located at 1211 Montana Avenue and entry to our museum or any exhibit is always free.